Saturday, March 3, 2012

Editors' choices for issue 19:1

The deadline for our next issue is coming up on April 15th. For some inspiration, here are the Editors' Choices from the last issue:

garbage night --
i hesitate
with the moon

-- Tyrone McDonald

yellow leaf dangling from the snowman's lip

-- Bill Cooper


dark clouds scudding by --
a giant squid vanishes
with a sucking sound

the old whaler laid to rest
his hands on a scrimshaw cross

an ancient shark tooth
100 miles from the sea --
wind ripples the grass

a mermaid tattoo
on the young tree planter's calf --
the sound of reggae

again the falconer scans
the empty horizon

the day care pirate
slashes with a toy cudgel --
afternoon stories

-- by Allan Burns and Ron Moss

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