Monday, March 21, 2011

Editors' Choices

At deadline time at South by Southeast, there are six of us who read through the submissions and give our opinions about what to publish in the upcoming issue. Although we've shared, workshopped, and debated haiku for years, it's rare that we all agree. In the "Editors' Choices" section of each issue we feature several haiku and senryu that we most agreed on.

Here are the four poems featured as Editors' Choices in the latest issue (Vol.18, No.1):

   spring breeze a spider line floats in morning sun

   - Lee Giesecke

                                    winter clouds
                                    the walnut tree's
                                    reaching hand

                                    - Lee Giesecke

first frost
on both sides
of the fallen leaf

- Gretchen Graft Batz

                                                                        homeless men
                                                                        shopping for sleep
                                                                        on Black Friday

                                                                        - Patricia Carragon

Our next deadline is coming up in a few weeks: April 15th. As you're preparing for Tax Day, don't forget to stop, breathe, and send us a few of your best haiku. (For those of you not in the U.S., please happily disregard the taxes part...)

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